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GoSolar and Save

GoSolar and Save

Go Solar with VELUX and you can save 30% on product and installation. You'll get a factory-installed solar blind, a free VELUX ACTIVE Gateway and likely a lower net cost than purchasing a skylight alone. 

Go Solar adds $385 to the cost of any skylight model. The tax credit alone will save you much more (see below). Plus you'll enjoy the energy savings!

Fixed Skylight Option
Estimated price/savings
$400 Fixed Skylight & Flashing
+ $1,500 Installation
$1,900 Final Cost 

Go Solar Option
Estimated price/savings
$785 Fixed Skylight, Blind & Flashing
+ $1,500 Installation
- $685 30% Federal Tax Credit*
$1,600 Final Cost*
Go Solar and save $300!

Learn more how easy this tax credit is at