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Serving the Professional Builder & Remodeler in New York and Pennsylvania Since 1973

The Story Behind Erie Materials

The story behind Erie Materials' success is quite simple.

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The Story of Erie Materials

The original Erie warehouse

When Bob Neumann opened Erie Materials in 1973, he started out with a single building in Syracuse, an old truck, a forklift and three employees.

Over the years, the company has strategically expanded throughout much of New York State and northern Pennsylvania. We now have nine locations, more than 350 employees, a fleet of vehicles and an advanced distribution system.

Much of our growth has been driven by our customers’ needs. When contractors request new products, we consider them for our line. When our sales become too strong in a location to be well served by an existing branch, we establish a new one.

Despite all the changes over the years, Erie Materials continues to be guided by Mr. Neumann’s simple philosophy: Offer contractors quality products at a competitive price and provide the best service possible.  

It’s the “best service” part that distinguishes us most from our competitors. That is why we train our sales staff to help contractors not only select products but advise on proper installation. It is why we maintain the deepest inventory levels. It is why we’ve invested heavily in a sophisticated distribution system that connects every one of our nine locations. And it is why we’ve added special services, such as our Builder Funding Program, a quoting and estimating department and millwork service, which help our customers succeed as well.

Distribution Center

“We will do things other people won’t, can’t or don’t know how to do,” says Mr. Neumann.


  • Started in Syracuse in 1973
  • Opened Auburn in 1982
  • Binghamton in 1985
  • Elmira in 1994
  • Scranton in 1995
  • Utica in 1996
  • Watertown in 1997
  • Williamsport in 2003
  • Albany in 2006
  • Poughkeepsie: OPENING SOON!