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Accessibility Policy


Erie Materials is committed to providing equal access to our information by ensuring our digital content is accessible by everyone regardless of physical or cognitive ability. This policy demonstrates that Erie Materials' goal is to establish standards for technology accessibility that is necessary to comply with state and federal laws as we move forward.


This policy applies to all persons and programs that 1) create digital content on behalf of Erie Materials or 2) acquire, implement or maintain software or digital services on behalf of Erie Materials where possible on the current website.


  • Accessible – digital content is available and consumable by everyone regardless of physical or cognitive ability.
  • Accessible format – the structure and composition of digital documents and applications that are readable and usable by people with disabilities, using assistive technologies.
  • Digital Content – includes web pages, video and audio files, email messages, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, library databases, and other digital materials.
  • Software Applications and Digital Services - includes social media, websites, databases, web- and computer-based software applications.
  • Archived Digital Content – content that is no longer available to a wide audience but is subject to record retention plans.


Erie Materials is dedicated in taking steps to work towards the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. 


Because the current Erie Materials website was developed prior to current laws, both at the state and federal level, it was not developed in a way where these standards could be fully satisfied. Our goal is to develop a new website in the future with these standards in mind and meet the requirements to the best of our ability.

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Updated 12/26/2018