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GacoPatch In Stock

GacoPatch In Stock

GacoPatch is now in stock at in white, gray and black. A 2 gallon pail covers 50 sq. ft. at 1/8" thick.

It’s a good item for roofers to have on hand at all times and can be used for cold-weather repairs.

  • One-step application. No additional primers, tapes or top coats needed.
  • Makes a permanent patch
  • Fiber-reinforced silicone roof patch
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces (standing water should be removed)
  • Can be applied to substrates between 0 and 120 degrees F (GacoPatch should be stored above 65 degrees F).
  • Remains permanently flexible, even under ponding water
  • UV stable
  • Flashing grade
  • Bonds to aged asphalt, aged EPDM, aged TPO/CPA, built-up, cap sheet, composite, concrete, fiberglass, metal, modified bitumen, torchdown, sprayed polyurethane foam and most coatings.
  • No reinforcements or extra steps are required for horizontal patches
  • Will not become brittle or break down
  • 25 year limited material warranty
  • Can be used on cracks, expansion joints, flashings, gutters, seams, pipes, pitch pans, penetrations, small holes, transitions, vents. voids

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