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Create Dry Space Below Deck with ZipUp

Create Dry Space Below Deck with ZipUp

The ZipUp Underdeck system is an easy-to-install, cost-effective solution to keeping areas under a deck dry.

This is a simple system, consisting of three basic parts:

  • A main rail
  • Wall trim
  • Ceiling panel

Erie Materials stocks ZipUp in Smooth White.

In addition, these colors and items are available within a week:

  • Cape Cod White
  • Serrated White
  • Smooth Beige
  • Serrated Beige
  • Seam Rail (needed for decks exceeding 16’ panel lengths)

Rot-resistant (PT, PVC, etc.) 1-by lumber can be used to create the proper pitch. Where the pitch isn't needed to divert water, the system can be used as an easy way to finish a ceiling.

A material calculator makes it easy to figure out your needs. is at 

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